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Nordica10i, 10 inch subwofer, ULTIMATE, pc


Nordica 10i is an improved model of Nordica 10 in Ultimate series. The new model has integrated litz-wires in the spider.  It has a new solid cast basket in the same colour as the rest of the series.  This is a subwoofer designed for SQ, not for SPL. Priorities during the developing process have been, low freq. bass capabilities, speed, timing, linearity, low distortion and phase correctness.

The” Balanced drive technology” ensures constant power being delivered to the voice coil during the full cone body movement. 
- Cone of aluminium with superb sound qualities. 
- Dual magnet system. 
- Wide surround
- 4 ohm voice coil
- Open design for maximum voice coil cooling.
- Designed for sealed boxes 17-19 litres.
This is the best 10" subwoofer we ever developed. Pre-production samples was used in many prize winning cars at the EMMA finals in Rotterdam 2010.


Woofer size 10" (25 cm)
Impedance 4 ohm
Recommended amplifier 200 - 500 W RMS
Max power handling capacity 500 W RMS
Peak power 1000 W
Frequency range 25-2500 Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB (1W/1m)
Magnet size 144 mm (5,7")
Outer diameter of woofer 266 mm (10,47")
Mounting depth 140 mm ( 5,5")
Mounting hole 236 mm (9,29")
X-max +- 11,5 mm (0,45")
Weight 6,7 kg (14,8 lb)
T/S parameters 
single V/C
Fs  33,7  Hz   Re  3,2  Ohm   Qms  9,2  
Vas  22,4  liter   Vas  0,79  Cuft   Qes  0,65  
Qts  0,61     Sd  314  cm²   BL  12